Setagaya Snow – New guest mix on the Beatery


Awesome mixtape and music fan website the Beatery has had me back for a second round of fun!

I put together some choice moods for their 45-minute mixtape podcast this week — have a listen:

Optera EP coming March 23rd

Optera EP Cover Image

Latest Derek Ryan release – Optera EP – coming soon — out March 23rd in all shops!

The title track is a deep and textural journey with atmosphere and energy.

From the promo blurb:

Optera EP consists of the original mixes of Optera and Resonance, their alternative mixes, and a remix by POL. The original mix of Optera is based on a groovy bassline and several melodical themes growing gradually around it. A recurring female vocal motif appears throughout the track, binding the parts together. The breakdown releases the bass for variation and introduces the main theme for the second part which packs a lot of melodic power and rich harmonies. POL’s remix adds a different perspective to Optera with bright melodics and rougher groove.

The second track on the EP, Resonance, begins with a more all-out intro. The main bassline hits in and the track builds up with several percs, FX, and melody lines. The break literally ponders on the theme of the track with a vocal sample, then lifts up for the energetic second part. All the tracks have a generally progressive structure and vibe, and the alternative mixes offer some techier twist and groove.

EP coming soon on Echelon Records

EchelonBanner3Finnish Trance and Progressive label Echelon Records will be releasing an EP of the songs ‘Resonance’ and ‘Optera’ with alternate mixes and remixes. Stay tuned for more details!

Conexus Evolution – on the Playa 09.01.2009

night @ conexus

I will be throwing down some trance this year at Burningman for Conexus on Tuesday. Come rock it!

Conexus has for years been bringing a solid vibe to the playa, and this time around they are dedicated to spreading  sustainable lighting to the masses…and throwing some great bashes! There’s great lineups at Conexus this year, and I am happy to be a part.

I will be bringing it melodic and banging with some badass tunes that are waiting to see the dark of the playa…

check out they flyer for the full lineup, or conexus’ website.

summerfrost – new melodic mix

summerlogoJust posted – a new melodic journey through some of the incredible tunes I have been picking up -

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It has a great vibe and some serious energy. I had so much fun putting it together! Although it’s not the most technically perfect mix that I have done, the flow was undeniable…


00:00 Airbase – Interfere (dub)
08:45 Marco V – Ritual Purification
13:15 Tritonal – Kinetic
19:55 Fender Woods – Hold on Me (Rafael Frost remix)
27:20 Nitrous Oxide – Magenta
32:59 Cold Blue – Mount Everest
40:35 Rafael Frost – Red
46:57 Ronski Speed – Are You? (Sun Decade dub)
52:54 Menno de Jong and Leon Bolier – Last Light Tonight

summer storm – tech trance mix

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Earthtones: Constellation 07.18.2009



I have the honor of performing the dawn set for the Rhythm Society’s annual Earthtones campout in Willits, CA, USA – this edition aptly named Constellation – right up my alley!

I’ve got some amazing and positively slammin tunes picked out that will be perfect to bring on the light…

podcast on

death start over sf!

death start over sf!

I have had the honor of being the first guest DJ on the music site of friends and fellow rockers DJ Cor and DJ Jay.
I laid down some serious prog, trance, and breaks, so enjoy!

Jupiter: Love 05.23.2009

jupiter: love

jupiter: love

This is gonna be a rocking party!
In addition to myself and Dan, we have Dex Stakker, Jason Knight, and Cor throwing down the good beats!

Jupiter : Dance: Love

When: Saturday 5.23.2009 9pm to 7:30am

Explore new worlds of Connection

If you have ever been to Burning Man you know about those moments of connectedness.

It might have happened during a great dance set or a fabulous conversation where you found a kindred spirit.

You got to perform for the first time in front of a crowd and loved it!

Maybe you were grateful that some random person handed out yummy grilled cheese sandwiches.

Or you might be the type who delight in some good cuddles.

Whatever does it for you bring that spirit with you and join us to create that vibe here in town.

Memorial day weekend opens up the summer and we are bringing on the spirit of Burning man to the city.

Come join us for a night of Dance and connectedness!

* We have a great line up of DJ’s , Breaks, Trance, tribal and more.

Check the website for up to date info.

* Yummy eats infused with Love

* Cush chill spaces with a complete line up of chill DJ’s

• Red Zone–Performance space designed for spontaneous expressions of creativity

dark vibes



I am still reeling from the high of playing for Transit this last November in Tokyo.
Amazing vibes, and good people.


And now for something completely different!
I am going to be playing for the upcoming Rhythm Society gathering on the 19th of this month, but in the dark themed room – called the Dark Forest.
This means that instead of my usual blend of both melodic and dark tunes I will be focusing on the darkness, and rocking out with the devil =). I have been going nuts collecting some ripping nu skool breaks to play alongside dark tech trance and prog, and even a touch of psy. Pretty different than my usual number, but should be an amazing journey through shadowy lands.
I have been loving the cold inferno of the huge burning basslines in the songs I have been collecting and am looking forward to unleashing them next Friday.
Think zombie hoards, vampire covens, etc.
Aww yeah!


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