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Collaborations afoot…



As you can see in the pic above, there’s a bit of warp happening in my life at the moment. Crazy amounts of projects stacking up, but all of them fun.

Among the top are a few collabs with Charmy, and in the above you’ll never guess who’s taking the picture (oh, alright then, it’s SNR).

Really excited about the stuff in the pipeline now.


Charmy‘s voice has already carried us through a number of journeys and soundscapes, but this is yet a new one. It’s a new frontier every time with this girl.

The best is yet to come…

Coming soon on Noys Music – Gravity!

I’ve been waiting to share this one for ages…

Got a new Derek Ryan tune coming out soon on Noys music – this time a vocal collaboration with trance-family diva Charmy and kick-ass Chicago producer Melissa Lin. It’s got a darker, haunting feel to it that breaks out into some melodic epicness, and straddles the line between house, trance, and ravey goodness.

Also, we’re super stoked to present the official video for the tune above! Director Szymon Bielesz and crew brought an amazing eye and style to pair with the tune, and Charmy looks like magic in it. Got the darkness a-flowin.

Gravity will be released May 15th on Noys Music.

Till then, enjoy the video!

podcast on

death start over sf!

death start over sf!

I have had the honor of being the first guest DJ on the music site of friends and fellow rockers DJ Cor and DJ Jay.
I laid down some serious prog, trance, and breaks, so enjoy!

Jupiter: Love 05.23.2009

jupiter: love

jupiter: love

This is gonna be a rocking party!
In addition to myself and Dan, we have Dex Stakker, Jason Knight, and Cor throwing down the good beats!

Jupiter : Dance: Love

When: Saturday 5.23.2009 9pm to 7:30am

Explore new worlds of Connection

If you have ever been to Burning Man you know about those moments of connectedness.

It might have happened during a great dance set or a fabulous conversation where you found a kindred spirit.

You got to perform for the first time in front of a crowd and loved it!

Maybe you were grateful that some random person handed out yummy grilled cheese sandwiches.

Or you might be the type who delight in some good cuddles.

Whatever does it for you bring that spirit with you and join us to create that vibe here in town.

Memorial day weekend opens up the summer and we are bringing on the spirit of Burning man to the city.

Come join us for a night of Dance and connectedness!

* We have a great line up of DJ’s , Breaks, Trance, tribal and more.

Check the website for up to date info.

* Yummy eats infused with Love

* Cush chill spaces with a complete line up of chill DJ’s

• Red Zone–Performance space designed for spontaneous expressions of creativity

dark vibes



I am still reeling from the high of playing for Transit this last November in Tokyo.
Amazing vibes, and good people.


And now for something completely different!
I am going to be playing for the upcoming Rhythm Society gathering on the 19th of this month, but in the dark themed room – called the Dark Forest.
This means that instead of my usual blend of both melodic and dark tunes I will be focusing on the darkness, and rocking out with the devil =). I have been going nuts collecting some ripping nu skool breaks to play alongside dark tech trance and prog, and even a touch of psy. Pretty different than my usual number, but should be an amazing journey through shadowy lands.
I have been loving the cold inferno of the huge burning basslines in the songs I have been collecting and am looking forward to unleashing them next Friday.
Think zombie hoards, vampire covens, etc.
Aww yeah!