Optera EP coming March 23rd

Optera EP Cover Image

Latest Derek Ryan release – Optera EP – coming soon — out March 23rd in all shops!

The title track is a deep and textural journey with atmosphere and energy.

From the promo blurb:

Optera EP consists of the original mixes of Optera and Resonance, their alternative mixes, and a remix by POL. The original mix of Optera is based on a groovy bassline and several melodical themes growing gradually around it. A recurring female vocal motif appears throughout the track, binding the parts together. The breakdown releases the bass for variation and introduces the main theme for the second part which packs a lot of melodic power and rich harmonies. POL’s remix adds a different perspective to Optera with bright melodics and rougher groove.

The second track on the EP, Resonance, begins with a more all-out intro. The main bassline hits in and the track builds up with several percs, FX, and melody lines. The break literally ponders on the theme of the track with a vocal sample, then lifts up for the energetic second part. All the tracks have a generally progressive structure and vibe, and the alternative mixes offer some techier twist and groove.

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  1. 03/20/2010 16:34

    Ben Brown


    Just got Optera EP promo. Really great track man, I will be supporting Optera!


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